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A Design of Vehicular Hanging Closestool

Yang LinJun*,Liu PeiHe,Cao AiMing,Li MiaoBao,ChenZhuJun

Page No. 1-4


With the advance of society and the improving of people’s living standards, private cars have been
regarding as most people’s necessities of life. While when the car is on the highway, it is not able to
stop anytime and find a public bathroom anywhere. Meanwhile, it’s not easy for children to control
themselves, so they may have movements in the vehicle and then cause in-car air contamination.
Thereupon, we design a kind of convenient toilet for child which can be used in cars.This design is
mainly for the situation of going out with a child. It can not only meet a child’s needs but also avoid
polluting the environment.
Key words: car-mounted device, hanging, small toilet, versatility, electro motion.

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