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Development of Economical and Energy Efficient Pollutant Monitoring
Systema Step towards Healthy Environment, Implemented in LabView

Mr J.V.Patil, Dr S.R.Patil, Miss P.N.Kajave
Page No. 9-13


Today it is widely accepted that human activities are responsible for high level of pollution and
climate change. The main source of greenhouse gas emission is fossil fuels which leads to major
greenhouse pollutants which includes,CO2, CO, SOx, NOx , suspended particulate matter (SPM),
Lead aerosol, volatile organic compounds, and other toxics.These chemicals are responsible for
disease like lung cancer, pneumonia, asthma, chronic bronchitis, coronary artery disease, and
chronic pulmonary disease. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to provide better environment
it becomes necessity that pollutant in environment should be continuously monitored.Environment
has become an important area of research because of its influence on human health, Hence there is
a growing demand for Pollutant Monitoring System. In view of ever increasing pollution sources
with toxic chemicals, this system will have the facilities to detect and quantify the sources of
pollution rapidly.
Key words: Environment, Energy Efficent,LabVIEW, Monitoring,Pollutants, PMS (Pollutant
Monitoring System),Sensors..

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