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Kinetics of Thermoluminescence Glow Curves of Y4Al2O9 Phosphor

Devendra Prasad
Page No. 15-21


Phosphor materials are very useful for display devices. Characterization of material is must for
selection of suitable one. Thermoluminescence is one of the most efficient and convenient tool for
characterization of material. In the present paper we reconsider the Thermoluminescence study of
Eu3+ doped Y4Al2O9 with different concentrations of doping material, already reported in literature,
to evaluate order of kinetics involved. Order of kinetics involved in process depends on extent of
retrapping. Here a new method of analysis is adopted for the analysis of Thermoluminescence glow
curves in order to evaluate order of kinetics. It is found that it changes with concentration of doping
Keywords: Thermoluminescence, Orders of kinetics, Phosphors, Irradiation Dose, Heating Rate.

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